With a fundraising career that dated back to 1977, Nick Ziccardi brought experience, and an unmatched enthusiasm for helping people.  His accomplishments began in 1979 at the University of Miami working with coach Howard Schnellenberger.  Nick was responsible for raising over 20 million dollars for numerous charities and schools including, The Chris Evert Teacher Awards, St. Thomas Aquinas H.S. in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Cardinal Mooney H.S. in Sarasota, FL, and Pope John II H.S. in Boca Raton FL.  Nick led teams that successfully designed and executed capital campaigns at numerous schools including St. Joan of Arc Catholic School and Church.  Among his proudest accomplishments were helping Nick and Terry Saban to start their extremely successful Nick's Kids Fund, as well as assisting Jimbo and Candy Fisher, in starting their Kidz 1st Fund, an organization dedicated to fighting and curing Fanconi Anemia.  Under his leadership, Alma was proud to have distributed close to 7 million dollars to various charities and causes.

Nick Ziccardi tragically passed away in 2013 after a battle with cancer.  His work is continued by the Alma Foundation team he trained and mentored, led by Nick's wife, Madeline Ziccardi.

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